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Every company has one thing in abundance and that is data.

Making use f these data requires some sort of understand about data alaystics which is different from what we know about it. Learn about how to develop data analytics model to make decisions to prevent future incidents

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Connect, Interact, Ask your questions, offer feedback, learn about how to develop data-driven culture, and of course raise your hand when in doubt.


Experience everything from practical experience to learn on how to develop a framework for data-driven decision-making with interactive presentations and demos. Thanks to this online format, you can safely learn and connect wherever you are.

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Speaker Profile


Mahendra Kakde

Sr. Safety Consultant

Mahendra an alumnus of two Premier Institute of Management, XLRI, Jamshedpur JBIMS, Mumbai has 21 years of experience in various organizations at the senior level. Before starting an active association with business organizations he had an illustrious career in the Indian Navy (7 years). He brings expert experiences in the areas of Safety Consulting, Training, and Data Analysis.


Dilip Lote

HSE Head

Dilip has over 37 years of illustrative industrial safety experience out of which he has heading HSE and AI departments of leading companies including Multi-National companies. He believes in change management and hence wherever he led the HSE movement he acted as a change agent to bring in culture-based HSE and AI in these companies.

Data analytics remain a core strength and has developed various predictive data analysis model for safety consulting projects. Delivered successfully 13 long-term consulting projects in the field of safety culture improvement, RBPSM, and BBS with fortune 500 companies. 

Developed a complete implementation model for RBPSM and gap assessment tools with 283 questionnaires to identify the enablers and barriers for process safety culture change in the organization.

Developed BBS OIAC process and a web application which helps in real-time data analytics view with the overall picture of how BBS is implemented within the organization, identifying the areas of improvement and the success factors.

He strongly believes that Data based prescriptive and predictive HSE Management is key to change, hence he used various tools while working in various organizations to develop strategies to bring change in the overall HSE performance by utilizing the real-time and past data to come out with areas that are excellent in organizations, areas where the organization needs improvements and was instrumental in moving companies up the safety maturity model.

Dilip is basically an Electrical Engineer with post-graduation in Industrial Safety, Lead Auditor for ISO systems and have gained a lot of experience in HSE domain by working with the international organization from Europe, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc. and have utilized that experience in bringing change in various companies he has worked in. 

About this Webinar !!

Data analytics can be a great way to uncover historical trends in your safety observation and behaviors to help better predict what can go wrong next. Many companies have been using some sort of data analysis tool for many years but now with AI and machine learning on the way back, this webinar will look at predictive modeling, how it can be applied to lifetime value, and the importance of giving your predictive models attention when trying to scale as a business.

Today, the most valuable companies are those that successfully monetize data. Because predictive models derive their value from the decisions they inform, everyone should apply decision-analytic principles to make an informed decision based on trends and patterns.

This talk will demonstrate decision-analytic principles on examples of decisions that our teams have developed over a period of time through research and practical implementation in our consulting project. This webinar will show examples from some specific cases by using predictive models and how to use these to improve the success of your safety Vision - "Zero Harm". 

Data-Driven Safety - Be part of the online webinar by registering and confirm your slot to learn on advnace techinque on how to make informed decisioned.


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