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Data analytics can be a great way to uncover historical trends in your safety observation and behaviors to help better predict what can go wrong next. Many companies have been using some sort of data analysis tool for many years but now with AI and machine learning on the way back, this webinar will look at predictive modeling, how it can be applied to lifetime value, and the importance of giving your predictive models attention when trying to scale as a business.

Today, the most valuable companies are those that successfully monetize data. Because predictive models derive their value from the decisions they inform, everyone should apply decision-analytic principles to make an informed decision based on trends and patterns.

This talk will demonstrate decision-analytic principles on examples of decisions that our teams have developed over a period of time through research and practical implementation in our consulting project. This webinar will show examples from some specific cases by using predictive models and how to use these to improve the success of your safety Vision - "Zero Harm". 

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