Do Leaders create safety culture?
Visible Leadership

Do leaders create Safety Culture?


Does leadership always create safety culture? 

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We try to answer two important questions about leadership and safety culture. Are they interrelated or one influence the other.

Safety culture is ‘the way we do things around here, Safety culture reflects the values, beliefs, and attitudes that are held within an organization that influence what people do and why they do it.

Visible Leadership

Safety leadership is critical to maintaining a positive safety culture. Managers and supervisors make a major contribution to determining the safety culture. The decisions, actions, and behaviors of these leaders set benchmarks for safety through the systems and processes that they put in place, promote and support. 

Here is what visible leadership means...

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Effective safety leadership from all levels of management create a positive safety culture in which the organization can achieve its purpose of delivering safer workplaces and safer operation. 
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Leadership Questions

One question remains common during the investigation in all the incidents that occur in organization and that is - 

Did leadership fail? 

Many other questions are associated with the big question and they can be mapped as – 

Way forward to move ahead ....

An organization striving to achieve proactive safety culture requires a clear roadmap along with a strong leadership framework. The leadership framework should highlight the focus areas required by the organization with measurable outcomes. The implementation leadership fame should ask one important question - 

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Is my act a safe act?

Leadership influence behavior

5 most influencing leadership behavior

After analyzing almost 50 Organisation data, the survey showed that the responded rated below mentioned leadership behavior as most influencing which has an impact on the safety performance - 

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Organizations who are really looking for double-digit growth in the coming next 10 years there focus area should be “Leadership Impact on Safety Performance” along with production.

Many times Organisations believe that leadership creates a safety culture this is definitely correct but creating a culture is not a one-time creation. Safety culture needs to be evolved and leaders have to work continuously at the top level.

So what are we trying to say is - leadership is always creating a safety culture.

The 5 most influencing leadership behavior identified for creating an impact on the bottom line can’t be applied once to improve safety performance.

Leadership framework for influencing behaviors 

What to learn on how to implement a leadership framework for your organization?

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Leadership Looks Like What
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